Secondary School Residential Activity Weeks & Weekends

Secondary School activities week overview

A week of fun and opportunity where pupils can experience a wide range of new and exciting land and water based sports. Pupils become aware of a whole new world in the outdoors and develop new skills and increased self-confidence. The week can be a great catalyst to a healthier lifestyle.

Our residential activities weeks and weekends for schools have proved to be an excellent way to give pupils valuable experiences and learning opportunities in a large range of subject areas across the curriculum including Key Skills, PSHE and Citizenship.

Key Benefits for Secondary School pupils

  • Experience new, exciting & challenging activities 
  • Bring out hidden strengths & talents
  • Boost self-esteem & confidence 
  • Develop social skills
  • Build independence 
  • Become a team 



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  • "You will be highly recommended as a result of this trip. Not only were the members of your team highly qualified and very experienced, their interpersonal skills were excellent and the teaching was always of a high standard." Cathy Gower, PGCE Physical Education Co-ordinator

    Brunel University

  • "I have been to many activity centres in the UK during my career and Outdoor Adventure has been the best by far. The staff, food, accommodation and activities were outstanding. " Lisa Boag

    St Chadds School, Essex

  • "The instructors’ understanding of the children was exemplary and they pitched the instruction level perfectly. The target setting and reinforcement at the beginning and end of each activity left the children in no doubt what they had achieved. In short, we achieved so much more than we have at other Centres." M.S Ridley

    Beechwood Park School

  • "Your staff were friendly, welcoming, confidence-inspiring, knowledgeable and keen to ensure that all involved both enjoyed the activities and learnt something from them. There was an excellent balance on all activities between fun and education and a reassuring emphasis on safety. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending OA for a challenging and enjoyable educational experience." Bruce Paton 

    Whitstone Head School

Our Residential Activity Centre Cannot be Bettered on Quality, Safety, Instructor to Pupil Ratio and Commitment from our Staff Team  

Activity weeks also prove invaluable as a teambuilding experience. Trust and team spirit are built throughout the week developing and improving relationships between each other and teachers.

The activities take place in spectacular unspoilt locations where students get a real experience and lasting impression of the sport. An evening programme is included to ensure that the pupils can make the most of their time with us and there is not an excess of free time.


Secondary School multi activity programme

Customised Programme Design in Spectacular scenery

Your programme is tailored to meet your requirements and you can choose from a range of engaging land and water based sports. When you book, our Centre Manager will discuss your needs, the outcomes you wish to achieve and will then help you to customise your week. Our days usually run to the following timings:

  • 0815 breakfast
  • 0930 – 1230 – morning activity session
  • 1230 – 1330 lunch
  • 1330 – 1630 – afternoon activity session
  • 1715 – evening meal
  • 1900 – 2100 – evening entertainments

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