Dates, Prices & Offers for Residential School Trips 2020

When choosing the Activity Centre for your School Residential, price is always going to be a significant factor. Outdoor Adventure has done its utmost to keep prices as low as possible without compromising its ethos of delivering a quality experience. It is true however, that we cannot compete on price with the large centres who take hundreds of pupils at a time, but this price difference is an inevitable trade-off for coming to one of the few small and personal residential activity centres left in the UK. You will be investing in a quality experience.

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June 29 – July 3 – Prime Summer Week Now Available!

Arrival can be Sun night (1700) 28 June if required – £458 + VAT

Mon 29 June (1300) – Fri 3 July 23 (1300) at £437 + VAT

Low Cost Spring/Pre-SATS Offers For 2020

For 2020 Outdoor Adventure are now offering Residentials in the early Spring weeks (prior to SATS) at a very reduced price. With the change in the seasonal weather now in the UK, the spring is now proving to be the new summer and is a fantastic time for a school trip.

This can also be a great time for years 3, 4 and 5 to go away, as well as schools who don’t follow the National Curriculum and therefore not effected by SATS.

April 6 – 10 at £259 + VAT

April 13 – 17 (Tues 14 – Sat 18 option) at £259 + VAT

Family Coastal Traverse session

Schools canadian canoeing session

Dates & Trip Duration to Suit Your Budget

At Outdoor Adventure we tailor all of our programmes to each particular school visiting. This does mean that to give you a price, we do need to know the type of programme you are looking for, approximate group size and in which month you would like to come.

We have lots of different options to offer your school, many of which suit different year groups by working around exam logistics. They also provide more choices for varying school budgets. Our weeks usually run from Monday lunchtime to Friday lunchtime and at weekends from Friday lunchtime to Sunday/Monday lunchtime.

Your group should be able to reclaim the VAT. Our prices include all meals, accommodation, equipment, instruction, transport to the activity locations and a full day and evening programme. We also offer a free staff place per 10 students.

Short Stay 1 or 2 Night Residential Trips

Very often primary schools, particularly the younger year groups, look for a short trip duration perhaps even only 1 night away.

This is usually to take into consideration the risk of the children becoming homesick and also that parents of this age range are often concerned about their child being away from home.

We provide these shorter residential activity trips at budget prices:

1 night – £94 + vat per pupil

2 nights – £137 + vat per pupil

Primary School archery session on their residential trip

  • "You will be highly recommended as a result of this trip. Not only were the members of your team highly qualified and very experienced, their interpersonal skills were excellent and the teaching was always of a high standard." Cathy Gower, PGCE Physical Education Co-ordinator

    Brunel University

  • "I have been to many activity centres in the UK during my career and Outdoor Adventure has been the best by far. The staff, food, accommodation and activities were outstanding. " Lisa Boag

    St Chadds School, Essex

  • "The instructors’ understanding of the children was exemplary and they pitched the instruction level perfectly. The target setting and reinforcement at the beginning and end of each activity left the children in no doubt what they had achieved. In short, we achieved so much more than we have at other Centres." M.S Ridley

    Beechwood Park School

  • "Your staff were friendly, welcoming, confidence-inspiring, knowledgeable and keen to ensure that all involved both enjoyed the activities and learnt something from them. There was an excellent balance on all activities between fun and education and a reassuring emphasis on safety. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending OA for a challenging and enjoyable educational experience." Bruce Paton 

    Whitstone Head School