Schools Teambuilding

A fun, powerful way to help pupils develop the skills to succeed in life

This is an area in which Outdoor Adventure has a wealth of knowledge and experience and our staff understand how to spot and use the moments that arise in these sessions to help pupils develop their people and leadership skills. We look at what makes someone a good communicator and put active listening to the test! Pupils become aware that everyone’s opinion and input matters. They are encouraged to look for and value the strengths in others and respect each others differences. We look at the different leadership styles and discuss the vital ingredients that make up a true team and how to be positive and enthusiastic about solving problems.

After the sessions we engage the pupils in fun and active reviews where they reflect and think about what they have learned about themselves and others, as well as how they can benefit from this knowledge back at school and in other areas of their life.

It is very rewarding for teachers to watch individuals succeed and grow in confidence throughout the session. This type of activity is particularly effective in addressing many Key Stage 2-4 curriculum requirements such as key skills, PSHE work and citizenship.

Teambuilding locations

The problem solving activities are all based around our cliff-top grounds.