Schools Coastal Traversing

Pick your route and try to stay dry!

This is an unusual activity where you make your way along the base of the sea cliffs over or under whatever comes your way. You’ll be picking your way through boulder fields, jumping across rock pools, traversing across barnacle covered ledges into secret bays where you will see no other human visitors.

You wear normal clothes, trainers and a helmet for safety. This is predominately a dry sport but your skills will determine whether you stay that way! Your coach will pick as challenging a route as you want to take on. This is another excellent teambuilding activity.

Coastal Traversing locations

A secret cove 5 minutes from the Centre provides the perfect location for this activity. You will be surrounded by spectacular examples of coastal geology, many of which have been photographed and appear in geology books due to their uniqueness and grandeur. You will see masses of wildlife from Seals to Peregrine Falcons and every rock ledge and every pool is a delight for the marine biologist!