Schools Canadian Canoeing

Canadian Canoeing on a School Activity Trip

Fun for all the group together!

The method of transport that the Indians used to use. Canadian Canoeing is rapidly growing sport with all ages. As well as paddling on flat water they can be used to negotiate rapids or take on expeditions around the world. There are lots of different styles of Canadian Canoe and you can fit from 2 up to 4 people in a boat.

Inland Canoeing locations

Bude Canal. A beautiful historic canal, used once as a route for hauling sand inland to the Bude railway. Your journey starts near the sea and meanders inland through marshes and nature reserves where Herons and Kingfishers often watch from the bank. A great stretch of flat water with lots to see.

Tamar Lake. With stunning natural surroundings Tamar Lake is a great paddle. It has lots of inlets to explore and plenty of wildlife. Outdoor Adventure is the only centre using this uncrowded lake. Facilities include picnic sites, a lake walk, Café, shop, toilets, showers & changing rooms.