Primary School Residential Activity Trips Year 6 and Below - Weeks & Weekends

These residential activity trips are ideal for primary school children as they are very effective in supporting many of the Key Stage 2 curriculum requirements such as key skills, PSHE and citizenship in a fun and inspiring setting out in the fresh air. In addition to our year 6 programmes, we are now also delivering short stay residentials of just 1 or 2 nights for primary schools, to accommodate the younger age range of years 3, 4 and 5. 



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Maximum Development of Every Child

As well as the opportunity to enjoy and experience new activities, our staff team understand the personal and social learning opportunities that can be gained through a residential trip like this. They have the skills to create meaningful learning experiences in a fun positive environment. Everyday your pupils have the opportunity to experience success and to celebrate their achievements, making a real difference to their self esteem and confidence. Experiencing all these new activities and different social situations often brings out hidden strengths and talents not seen at school.

We engage pupils in fun and active reviews where they reflect and think about what they have learned about themselves and others from the experience. They are encouraged to express and share feelings and opinions during these reviews and often discover new choices and possibilities for themselves.

Year 6 Group Bonding

Our autumn programmes are very popular for year 6 and are specifically geared towards strengthening relationships of your group. This is done by using all the possible opportunities available during a residential trip, such as an emphasis on team building during the activity sessions, but also in communal situations such as mealtimes and room cleans etc.

A residential week like this also gives the teachers a fantastic opportunity to really get to know their pupils and make that essential bond which we are told makes all the difference when back at school. The flip side is also invaluable where the pupils see their teachers in a totally different setting and are able to share all the new experiences with them. This leads to trust, respect and building of team spirit throughout the weeks trip.

Children’s Mental Health & Well-being

This issue has now become a real concern both to parents and teachers regarding there being more pressure than ever before to perform, achieve and compete. This is not just at school but in their social life as well. The former driven by rising examination levels, the latter being fuelled by social media which is now inevitably a big part of any young person’s life. 

There are so many ways in which as responsible adults we need to try to protect and support children’s mental health, and our team will make this residential trip as beneficial as it possibly can be in relation to this. The key ways in which we impact is by trying, if only for a week, to immerse and ground children in a more real and basic existence, and let this wild natural outdoor environment do its thing. Our staff’s outlook and approach to life is also very refreshing, and this can often inspire and help children to see and value things differently.

Other Skills Built On This Residential Trip

Our experience over the last 35 years of running residentials for primary schools helps us to not miss the precious moments that can be used to emphasise how important life skills such as self-responsibility and resilience will be in the child’s’ future. We do our utmost to act as role models for the children.

We also look at the vital ingredients that make up a true team and how to be positive and enthusiastic about solving problems. We look at what makes someone a good communicator and put active listening to the test! Pupils become aware that everyone’s opinion and input matters, and are encouraged to look for and value the strengths in others and respect each other’s differences.

Following a trip at Outdoor Adventure, teachers and parents often say pupils have become more co-operative, independent and receptive.

GCSE PE residential

A visitor to Outdoor Adventure abseiling with one of our trained instructors

A Genuinely Caring Approach

For many primary school children this is often their first time away from home and can be a very powerful learning experience. To watch some children go so quickly from being homesick, to chatting on our front lawn with their friends is always very rewarding and can be a real milestone in a child’s’ development.

However our team are very aware of how children vary on a residential, in how they deal with being away from family, and appropriately support them throughout the trip to become more independent. We strongly believe that helping build their self-esteem is key to this.