Outdoor Instructor Course - 16 Weeks of Training in Cornwall


Dear friends of Outdoor Adventure – In line with Government policy we are now closed. This is a really difficult period for everyone and we hope that everyone is safe and managing to deal with the constant new challenges that are occurring. We are incredibly busy trying to give support to our customers and interpreting constantly updated bulletins from the Government, AALA, The National Governing Bodies of our sports and Visit Cornwall Tourist Board. As you are aware things are changing on an almost daily basis.

The office is unattended and the phones are not being answered as we are working from home, so the best way to contact us is by emailing us at info@outdooradventure.co.uk. We will get back to you as soon as possible and are very sorry for any inconvenience and concerns this situation is causing you all. We thank all of our customers for being so supportive and please take care from all the Outdoor Team.


An intensive outdoor instructor training course running over several months is a big investment of your time and money. It’s important you choose the right course for you as it needs to put you in the best possible position to enter this industry professionally and get the job you want. We have a proven track record of doing exactly this and our fast track outdoor instructor course is perfect for anyone wanting to enter this industry in the UK or abroad.

outdoor instructor course member lead climbing

The All-Inclusive Outdoor Instructor Course

 – Gain 16 Instructor Awards and Qualifications in 16 weeks (Nov-Mar)

 – All training and assessments included

 – All food and accommodation included

 – Leave confident, well prepared and excited about your new career


Getting You The Right Qualifications

Outdoor Adventure has been employing instructors since 1981 and we also keep in touch with many other outdoor centres throughout the UK. Therefore we have a very clear understanding of the type of qualifications other centres also look for when employing their instructors. We used this knowledge to design a training course to ensure our students get the most valuable and sought after qualifications achievable in 16 weeks.

During your course, you will be fully trained and assessed in specific sports, receive soft skills training alongside gaining a huge amount of awareness and general working knowledge about the outdoor industry. We also include the additional benefit of an introduction to other popular activities delivered at Outdoor Centres to broaden your experience as much possible.

outdoor instructor training day perfecting kayaking strokes

outdoor instructor course trainee on climbing assessment

Coaching You To Stand Out From The Rest

There is a lot more to being an effective and successful instructor than just having a bunch of qualifications. The qualifications are obviously necessary, but it’s all the other skills and attributes such as your communication and motivational skills which will make you stand out as being an exceptional coach and a valuable member of an instructor team.

The more discerning and higher quality outdoor centres will be focusing on this extra bit when choosing who they want to work for them. Since 1981, Outdoor Adventure has been employing instructors and has learnt exactly what makes the difference between being just an average or an excellent instructor. 

We will use our experience and extensive knowledge to coach and shape you into this high-quality instructor.

30 Years Experience Delivering Quality Outdoor Instructor Training

Outdoor Adventure ran its first 16-week intensive instructor course back in 1989 and was one of the first providers of this type of instructor fast-track course in the UK. Since then we have successfully trained and introduced people of all ages and backgrounds to work in the outdoor industry. We always enjoy hearing about how their careers have evolved. Here are some Case Studies.

We are nationally recognised as one of the leading outdoor training centres in the UK, and also provide Residential School Trips, Family Activity Holidays alongside a Surf School and Coasteering School. This makes Outdoor Adventure the perfect place to train as we are completely up to date with changes in the industry and understand the differing needs and expectations of varying client groups.

outdoor instructor training in the sport of surfing

outdoor instructor training in coasteering

The Ultimate Location in The UK To Train For These Sports

On your outdoor instructor training course, you will be lucky enough to be using some of the best locations in the country to gain experience. They are all in naturally wild and unspoilt settings that give you a real taste of what true outdoor and adventurous activities are all about.

We have breath-taking sea cliff climbing just a 15-minute drive away, an amazing surf beach to learn your Beach Lifeguard skills within walking distance and spectacular sea kayaking straight out from our activity centre! Outdoor Adventure also has use of the Bude Canal to learn the basics in kayaking and canoeing as well as an indoor climbing wall also in Bude if the conditions are too wet and wild.

Check our Gallery.

Helping You Prepare Professionally For Your New Career

Gaining employment in the outdoor industry is the whole purpose of completing our instructor training course and we will be working hard to give you the skills and guidance to enable you to get the job you are aiming for. We ensure you leave with a professionally prepared CV, provide you with interview practice and preparation to ensure you come across well in an interview and make sure you fully understand the pros and cons of working in the different types of outdoor centres. This training course will give you everything the best outdoor centres look for when they are considering someone for a new instructor position and we can be sure of this because we do the same when endeavouring to employ only the very best at our own centre! 

outdoor instructor course interview skills coaching

outdoor instructor training in coasteering rescue techniques

Out of Your Comfort Zone & Loving Every Minute

When you look carefully at an intense training programme like this, it becomes very obvious that you will have to apply yourself and put in 100% to get the most from the course. Having financially committed and invested 16 weeks of your time to complete the course it would be crazy to waste one second of it! We will be pushing you to achieve the absolute maximum from the course and students have found at times they can be well out of their comfort zone, however, we all know this is how we end up getting the most from life. You will have the full support and encouragement from an exceptionally good team of highly experienced trainers who want you to succeed.  Alongside the hard work, you will also have a great time with us and look back at your course as a memorable milestone and make some new friends for life.  Check our Gallery.

Exploring & Enjoying Cornwall While You’re With Us

Whilst on the instructor training course, most weekends and many evenings are allocated as your free time and we would urge you to maximise all the opportunities while you are with us in Cornwall. Many participants do this by going off adventuring, both in the local area and further afield often using these new locations to practice and improve their skills in the sports.

For chill out time, Bude is a buzzing surf town with lots of cafes and pubs, not to mention the ultimate place for surf shops! Keep up your own hobbies while you are here – you’ll find the cycling and running potential is fantastic, plus there are plenty of local gyms and local swimming pools to make the most of.

outdoor instructor training course participant learning to surf

  • CASE STUDY:  Career Progress - Amanda Van-Santen "The intense instructor training course not only provided me with the right training and leading industry qualifications, but more importantly I know now those experiences and mentors you get when first starting off play a significant role in scoping your path and robustness into the industry. Outdoor Adventure provided me with the fundamental stepping stones in preparing me for my career in the outdoor Industry. My current job role is Chief Instructor Dingy and Windsurfing for the RYA"

    Amanda Van Santen

  • CASE STUDY:  Career Progress - Andy McKenzie "I left the Navy and came on the instructor course at Outdoor Adventure. It was exactly what I was looking for as I was nervous about a career change and the course gave me so much more self confidence and a totally new set of skills to use in a completely different line of work. The time at Outdoor Adventure left me in no doubt this was what I wanted to do as my new career. I worked my way up from being a new instructor at an adventure centre to gaining a top management position 12 years later at one of the most well known Outdoor Centres in the UK!"

    Andy McKenzie

  • CASE STUDY:  Career Progress - Si Dolphin ""This course was the perfect way to start a career in the outdoor industry. It gave me a thorough grounding in many aspects of professional instruction and the appropriate skills to coach confidently and with an effective manner. I went from having no experience or qualifications to a season abroad with Neilson Active, coaching equivalent instructor courses for Cornwall College, setting up and running an injured Veterans Surf charity in Bude, leading an Alpine kayak expedition and enjoying a busy career as a freelance instructor in Cornwall and Devon. 19 years ago, Outdoor Adventure opened a door for me that has proved to be the most enjoyable and satisfying period of my life."

    Simon Dolphin

Outdoor Adventure is situated at Widemouth Bay, Bude on the unspoilt, rugged north Cornwall coast. It is easy to get to and only 1 hour from the M5 junction at Exeter.