Outdoor Instructor Course - Equipment Package

As your training is taking place in the colder months, it’s essential you are in the right kit to stay warm and comfortable so you can focus on the course and not the temperature. If you choose to purchase this equipment package we will liaise with you for sizing etc. and make sure its all here for when you arrive!



What’s in The Package

Full Hooded Winter Wetsuit, Wetsuit Boots, Wetsuit Gloves, Changing Robe,

Drysuit, Buoyancy Aid, Kayak Helmet, Kayak Shoes, Tow Line, Throwline,

50L Dry Bag, Waterproof Phone Case, Whistle, Safety Knife, Waterbottle,

Waterproof Jacket, Waterproof Trousers, Fleece Jacket, Gloves, Beanie,

Climbing Harness, Climbing Helmet, Belay Device,

Screw Gate Karabiner, Chalk Bag,