Come Down, Meet The Team & Find Out All You Need To Know First-Hand

Here at Outdoor Adventure, we can offer you the opportunity to come down free of charge for a day to meet the team and have a good look around the centre and facilities, to make sure this is where you would like to come for your instructor training course.

In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to give us a call as we are very aware that researching and choosing an intensive training course can be a bit overwhelming. They can all look very similar on the various websites, however, it will be in the detail of how the course is delivered that sets the companies apart.

Andy in our office has been here for over 19 years and actually completed one of our 16 week courses all those years ago, so he is a great person to chat with. Alternatively, feel free to bounce a few emails back and forth if this suits you better as we are only in the office between 0830 – 1700 Monday to Friday.

We always feel privileged to help people start their new career and hope to hear from you.

Call Andy on 01288 362900



    outdoor instructor training kayaking course

    • CASE STUDY:  Career Progress - Amanda Van-Santen "The intense instructor training course not only provided me with the right training and leading industry qualifications, but more importantly I know now those experiences and mentors you get when first starting off play a significant role in scoping your path and robustness into the industry. Outdoor Adventure provided me with the fundamental stepping stones in preparing me for my career in the outdoor Industry. My current job role is Chief Instructor Dingy and Windsurfing for the RYA"

      Amanda Van Santen

    • CASE STUDY:  Career Progress - Andy McKenzie "I left the Navy and came on the instructor course at Outdoor Adventure. It was exactly what I was looking for as I was nervous about a career change and the course gave me so much more self confidence and a totally new set of skills to use in a completely different line of work. The time at Outdoor Adventure left me in no doubt this was what I wanted to do as my new career. I worked my way up from being a new instructor at an adventure centre to gaining a top management position 12 years later at one of the most well known Outdoor Centres in the UK!"

      Andy McKenzie

    • CASE STUDY:  Career Progress - Si Dolphin ""This course was the perfect way to start a career in the outdoor industry. It gave me a thorough grounding in many aspects of professional instruction and the appropriate skills to coach confidently and with an effective manner. I went from having no experience or qualifications to a season abroad with Neilson Active, coaching equivalent instructor courses for Cornwall College, setting up and running an injured Veterans Surf charity in Bude, leading an Alpine kayak expedition and enjoying a busy career as a freelance instructor in Cornwall and Devon. 19 years ago, Outdoor Adventure opened a door for me that has proved to be the most enjoyable and satisfying period of my life."

      Simon Dolphin

    Outdoor Adventure is situated at Widemouth Bay, Bude on the unspoilt, rugged north Cornwall coast. It is easy to get to and only 1 hour from the M5 junction at Exeter.