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We take your group to a secret cove near Bude, which must be one of the ultimate locations for coasteering in Cornwall.  It really does have everything for an incredible days adventure – breath taking scenery, crystal clear water, white sand, caves, natural arches and more!

One minute you will be traversing across barnacle-covered ledges and the next find yourself jumping into the sea to swim across inlets filled with water that shows off the sparkling sand and seaweed covered rocks below.

During your journey you’ll be reaching hidden and remote places with no other means of access. It’s simply mesmerising and given the chance you will want to stay bobbing around in the ocean forever!


Your group will love the opportunity to experience surfing in Cornwall!

Not just a sport, it even has its own culture. By far the most popular activity for groups at Outdoor Adventure, surfing is great fun but also a grounding experience for people, as they gain respect for the sheer power of nature. Whether it’s getting the buzz from your first wave ever, the challenge of learning to bottom turn on a green wave or the sheer adrenaline of down the line surfing over an unforgiving Cornish reef – it’s a must.

Your surfing moments will stay with your group forever!


Another thrilling way to surf the waves!

A great alternative to surfboarding for groups. It is also perfect for smaller children who may find it hard to handle a full sized surfboard. It is great fun and easy to get the hang of quickly.

There are lots of levels of bodyboarding from the thrill of catching the broken waves close to the beach through to the radical bodyboarding manoeuvres of 360’s, aerial re-entries and tube rides.


The sea-cliff climbing at Bude in Cornwall is fantastic!

People climb everywhere – on the coast, on the tors of moorland regions, high up on exposed faces of mountains and indoors on purpose built climbing walls. We climb on sea cliffs which is a dramatic and inspiring climbing environment. Your group will experience real exhilaration and the satisfaction of conquering a rock face with the sea crashing beneath you.

Climbing is becoming a mainstream and very popular activity. Many people living in cities practise on their local climbing wall to keep fit so they are ready for their next route out on the real rock face. Like abseiling this is another excellent sport for personal development and confidence building. Where appropriate we give people the opportunity to belay other group members backed up by one of our coaches – a powerful team building exercise in trust.


Abseiling takes your breath away!

People abseil down everything from city buildings to industrial towers, but can’t you beat the thrill of abseiling down a Cornish cliff face with the sea crashing beneath you. As you descend you can marvel at the spectacular views all around.

Many people are apprehensive about this activity, but with a good coach and the support from the rest of your group you’ll do it! The feeling of accomplishment when you’re at the bottom is overwhelming. This is and excellent way of building personal confidence and trust in others.

Activity holiday instructor belaying woman off the Abseil with Atlantic Ocean in background

Canadian Canoeing

Excellent as a team building activity for your group.

The method of transport used originally by the Indians, Canadian Canoeing is a rapidly growing sport with all ages. As well as paddling on flat water, they can be used to negotiate rapids or take on expeditions around the world. There are lots of different styles of Canadian Canoe and you can fit from 2 up to 4 people in a boat.

Outdoor Adventure canoe on the Bude Canal, which is a beautiful historic canal used once as a route for hauling sand inland to the Bude railway. Your journey starts near the sea and meanders inland through marshes and nature reserves where herons and kingfishers often watch from the bank. A great stretch of flat water with lots for your group to see.

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Kayaking & Sit on Top Kayaking

Kayaking is an incredibly versatile sport. It has everything from tranquil paddling up calm rivers to pure adrenaline rushes from white water rapids, battling against the surf or undertaking a solo ocean crossing. It’s great for games and team challenges. When you start, the first thing to master is going in a straight line, but as soon as you have cracked this, there’s loads more skills and strokes to learn – how to turn your boat quickly, recovery strokes and Eskimo rolls.

Sit on top kayaking has become very popular with groups and is a rapidly growing sport. You can use solo boats or doubles and they have a multitude of uses from sea kayaking and fishing to surfing. Their popularity is primarily down to the fact that you aren’t required to roll if you capsize, as the boat can be righted without it filling with water and needing emptying.

Family activity holiday fun on a siton top kayak

Coastal Traversing

Pick your route and try to stay dry!

This is an unusual group activity where you make your way along the base of the sea cliffs, over or under whatever comes your way. You’ll be picking your way through boulder fields, jumping across rock pools, traversing across barnacle covered ledges into secret bays where you will see no other human visitors.

You wear normal clothes, trainers and a helmet for safety. This is predominately a dry sport, but your skills will determine whether you stay that way! Your coach will pick as challenging a route as you want to take on. This is another excellent team building activity for your group.

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Archery is proving to be a truly rewarding and fun sport for groups at Outdoor Adventure – firing your arrows towards the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean is very unique!

Back in 1346 archery was used in hunting and combat and a feared longbow man could consistently hit a person at 160 metres! Today it’s respected as a testing precision sport. Outdoor Adventure brought archery into its range of activities due to its attraction and popularity as a sport with a less physical emphasis, while still giving that feeling of personal challenge and mastery.

We have developed an archery session which is engaging, fun and highly addictive! It is a fantastic sport to develop dexterity, precision and self control – no one can hide the smile when you hit the gold!

Map reading at activity centre


A fun and diverse adventure sport for everyone!

Potter – walk – run – compete. A brilliant way to fine tune your groups navigation skills.

We have designed an excellent orienteering course that runs throughout the extensive grounds of our Centre. It is set up in a way to be used by a wide range of abilities, from basic map reading skills to the more advanced skills of pacing and walking on bearings.

Our orienteering course is set within the 10 acres of Centre grounds and beach. It contains a maze of paths and at every point you mark your card, you will be taking in the spectacular views up and down this rugged stretch of Cornish coastline.


Team Building Challenges

A fun, powerful way to develop the skills to succeed in life.

This is an area in which Outdoor Adventure has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our staff understand how to spot and use the moments that arise in these sessions to help members within your group to develop their people and leadership skills.

We look at what makes someone a good communicator and put active listening to the test! Your group will become aware that everyone’s opinion and input matters. People are encouraged to look for and value the strengths in others and respect each others differences. We look at the different leadership styles and discuss the vital ingredients that make up a true team and how to be positive and enthusiastic about solving problems.

Children playing

Coastal Walking

Enjoy the stunning scenery of Cornwall!

We are right on the North Cornwall coast path and are spoilt for choice for fabulous walks. These can be anything from an easy stroll, to walking on challenging terrain crossing breathtaking valleys with steep climbs.

South of our Centre is one of the most awe-inspiring stretches of the North Cornwall coast path. It is totally remote and you feel as though you are in a true wilderness environment. There’s lots of opportunity to descend down into the rugged coves beneath and explore. We walk it one way and get collected in minibuses the other end – you’ll deserve the lift home! Other sections going North towards Bude are flatter and easier walking, however they still have spectacular views. Below you will often see dolphins and basking sharks or if you’re really lucky see a Peregrine falcon.