Helping you raise attainment in GCSE PE

Outdoor Adventure is a small OAA centre in a truly inspiring location on the majestic cliffs of north Cornwall. We specialise in supporting the teaching and assessment of OAA activities for GCSE PE.

Outdoor Adventure is the ideal solution for teachers looking to help students achieve the best possible practical marks using OAA activities.

In today’s schools, it can be challenging to provide a range of practical activities that help students to reach their full potential in GCSE PE. Outdoor Adventure can help you solve this problem. We offer intensive courses that cover the teaching and assessment of the practical skills required for OAA activities.

We have a proven track record of helping to raise student attainment through these courses and as a result have been endorsed by many schools who return to us each year.


Our hand-picked team have the skills and experience to deliver the course in an inspirational and fun way, which in turn motivates and engages your students as soon as they arrive at the Centre. Their professionalism and commitment enables you to enjoy the experience alongside your group.


Key Benefits for pupils

  • Flexible activity programmes
  • In-depth experience of working with GCSE PE criteria
  • All training, assessment and supporting evidence 
  • The experience of our staff enables them to differentiate the learning outcomes to meet the needs of your individual students based on the GCSE PE practical grading criteria
  • Evening workshops & master-class sessions back up theoretical aspects of the sports
  • "You will be highly recommended as a result of this trip. Not only were the members of your team highly qualified and very experienced, their interpersonal skills were excellent and the teaching was always of a high standard." Cathy Gower, PGCE Physical Education Co-ordinator

    Brunel University

  • "Your staff were friendly, welcoming, confidence-inspiring, knowledgeable and keen to ensure that all involved both enjoyed the activities and learnt something from them. There was an excellent balance on all activities between fun and education and a reassuring emphasis on safety. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending OA for a challenging and enjoyable educational experience." Bruce Paton 

    Whitstone Head School

  • "I have been to many activity centres in the UK during my career and Outdoor Adventure has been the best by far. The staff, food, accommodation and activities were outstanding. " Lisa Boag

    St Chadds School, Essex

  • "The instructors’ understanding of the children was exemplary and they pitched the instruction level perfectly. The target setting and reinforcement at the beginning and end of each activity left the children in no doubt what they had achieved. In short, we achieved so much more than we have at other Centres." M.S Ridley

    Beechwood Park School

GCSE PE Activities 

We specialise in the instruction and assessment of:

  • Climbing
  • Archery
  • Kayaking
  • Canoeing
  • Orienteering
  • Surfing

Many schools whilst focusing on the above activities choose also to include some of the other activities we offer to help make up a diverse and inspiring programme.


GCSE PE group climbing at Maer cliff during OAA training

Week or weekend programmes

The length of time needed for the programme depends primarily on how many sports you are looking to be graded in. It does also depend on whether you are looking for your students to be trained and assessed or just assessed as this obviously affects how many sessions are required per sport.

Some schools also like to try to build into the programme a reward activity as an incentive for their students to stay focused and motivated during the programme. Although we can offer surfing as one of the sports, unless the student has a lot of prior experience then this is a difficult sport to achieve a high grade in. It is however a fantastic sport to use as this incentive as Cornwall and particularly our stretch of coastline is known for being the best in the UK.  Below is a rough guide on length of programme needed:

  • Friday 1pm – Sunday 1pm – 1 sport trained and assessed with an incentive session
  • Friday 1pm – Monday 1pm – 2 sports trained and assessed
  • Monday 1pm – Friday 1pm – 3 sports trained and assessed or 2 sports with an incentive session


Also Now Available 2/3/4 Day Residentials & Low Cost Options