Group Activity Days Kayaking

Kayaking is an incredibly versatile sport. It has everything from tranquil paddling up calm rivers to pure adrenaline rushes from white water rapids, battle against the surf or undertaking a solo ocean crossing. It is also great for games and team challenges.

Most people learn on quiet canals and flat rivers and the best way of learning to roll is in a swimming pool! When you start the first thing to master is going in a straight line, but as soon as you have cracked this, there’s loads more skills and strokes to learn – how to turn your boat quickly, recovery strokes and Eskimo rescues.

People who take this sport to the extreme go off on kayak expeditions all over the world to find the ultimate white water rivers, drop down huge waterfalls or sea paddle amongst glaciers and orca whales.

We use the beautiful historic Bude canal, used once as a route for hauling sand inland to the Bude railway. Your journey starts near the sea and meanders inland through marshes and nature reserves where herons and kingfishers often watch from the bank. A great stretch of flat water with lots to see.