Group Activity Days Climbing

The sea-cliff climbing in Cornwall is fantastic! People climb everywhere – on the coast, on the tors of moorland regions, high up on exposed faces of mountains and indoors on purpose built climbing walls. We climb on sea cliffs which is a dramatic and inspiring climbing environment. You will experience real exhilaration and the satisfaction of conquering a rock face with the sea crashing beneath you.

Climbing is becoming a mainstream and very popular activity. Many people living in cities use their local climbing wall to keep fit and practice difficult moves on, so they are ready for their next route out on the real rockface. Climbs are graded and you will start off on an easy route to gain confidence and then if you choose you can gradually stretch yourself. If you are up for it you can take on a tricky route and get the adrenaline rush of being exposed on a rock face. It is at this level that life gets into perspective and you become totally focused. Like abseiling this is another excellent sport for personal development and confidence building. You can also have a go at belaying other group members backed up by one of our coaches – a powerful exercise in trust.

Climbing locations

Widemouth and Bude sea cliffs. We have two great sites. A tidal location you can walk to 1km from the Centre at a secret unvisited cove and a rock face perched half way up a cliff that we can use at any stage of the tide. Both have stunning unrestricted views North and South up the coast. These awe inspiring locations offer many different grades of route for the beginner to the most experienced climbers. Wildlife is all around you!