Group Activity Days Abseiling

Abseiling takes your breath away! People abseil down everything from city buildings to industrial towers but can’t you beat the thrill of abseiling down a Cornish cliff face with the sea crashing beneath you. As you descend you can marvel at the spectacular views all around.

Many people are apprehensive about this activity but with a good coach and the support from the rest of your group you’ll do it! The feeling of accomplishment when you’re at the bottom is overwhelming. This is and excellent way of building personal confidence and trust in others.

We have two sites set up at Black Rock, Widemouth Bay. A twenty foot abseil for young children and a 70 foot one for the adventurous. They are on sandstone so there is plenty of grip and only a 5 minute walk from the Centre along the coast path. Both have great viewing areas so you can watch and encourage your friends.