Our Family Activity Centre Standards

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Fully Accredited & Inspected Activity Centre

Since 1981 Outdoor Adventure has been at the leading edge of the family activity holiday industry and has an outstanding, proven track record in the highest standards of health and safety. From the beginning we decided not to just settle for the AALA License but significantly build on this and became accredited by many other National governing bodies.

We fulfil our local County Council health and safety requirements and all of our certification can be sent quickly to you enabling you to plan your family holiday with us.

Outdoor Adventure also appoints an external health and safety consultant, as well as external technical advisors for specific activities to ensure we are operating to the most up to date good practice guidelines available.

Risk Assessments and Insurance

At Outdoor Adventure we review our risk assessments every year with our staff team at the beginning of each season. This is to ensure we freshly examine our risk management in everything we do, and it is only by doing this that we can be confident any risks present are being controlled as effectively as possible. These risk assessments can be sent to you quickly on request so you can get on with booking your family holiday.

We also feel it is our responsibility to help educate people in risk management and to get them to think about how they can start managing their own risks and take personal responsibility for themselves and how they approach outdoor and adventurous activities.

Outdoor Adventure are fully insured up to 10 million which is the highest amount expected at outdoor activity centres in the UK.

Body Boarding in Cornwall on a family ativity break

Quality Assurance On Your Family Adventure Holiday

From the day Outdoor Adventure was established in 1981 we have always remained totally customer focused and this has been the reason for our success. We operate a quality assurance system on our family holidays that works and don’t just rely on feedback forms.

Our staff are always around asking you how things are going, and we make sure we push you for your open and honest feedback at the end of your week. It’s only by this commitment that we can keep improving our family activity holidays year on year and stay fresh – all driven by your ideas and suggestions which prove invaluable!

Safeguarding During Your Holiday

As you would expect, this is at the forefront of our minds at all times and is a crucial responsibility for everyone involved. Our staff team are fully vetted, DBS checked and trained in all aspects of safeguarding. In addition to this they are also very switched on to spot other things that can effect a child’s’ wellbeing such as the first signs of any bullying etc.

A duty instructor, fully qualified in first aid, remains on-site and on call throughout the night period ready to assist you in any event that could arise. All bedrooms have keys for your privacy.

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Minibus Transport at our Adventure Centre

Outdoor Adventure has a fleet of minibuses and fulfils all the requirements to operate minibuses legally ans safely. We have a PSV (Public Service Vehicle operator’s license) and our drivers are PCV (Passenger Carrying Vehicle) qualified. In addition our minibuses and drivers are also regulated under the Councils Private Hire Vehicle scheme.

As part of the requirements we complete daily safety checks on each vehicle before they are driven and these minibuses are also inspected by a DOT garage every 10 weeks.

Our Environmental Commitment

We are genuinely environmentally aware and pro-active in everything we do. The responsible way in which we run our activities has been praised by our local community and also recognised by National organisations. A clear example is that Outdoor Adventure has been awarded ‘The Coasteering Ambassador’ for the National Trust.

We are a provider of the John Muir Environmental Award and work closely with English Nature, The Heritage Coast, The Forestry Commission and The Marine Conservation Society.

Our team pass on our passion for the environment to your family along with The John Muir philosophy for wild places: “Discover Explore, Conserve and Share.” This approach allows us to enjoy these amazing places with our family guests without spoiling them for others.