Family Body Boarding Lessons

Another thrilling way for all your young people to surf the waves!

A great alternative to surfboarding. It is also perfect on our school activity weeks as it is suitable for smaller children who may find it hard to handle a full sized surfboard. It is great fun and easy to get the hang of quickly.

There are lots of levels of body boarding from the thrill of catching the broken waves close to the beach through to the radical body boarding manoeuvres of 360s, aerial re-entries and tube rides. A fantastic alternative to surf boarding.

Bodyboarding location

A beautiful beach 5 minutes from the Centre with waves which are ideal for beginners and intermediates to learn and practice their new skills on. Facing head on to the Atlantic Ocean, Widemouth picks up the best of any swell running and can still have a rideable wave when many beaches in Devon and Cornwall are flat. Widemouth Bay (near Bude) delivers a great wave up to about 6 feet at any stage of the tide. Lifeguard patrolled May – September, Widemouth has the highest award for water quality. Often visited by dolphins! Facilities include showers, toilets and a beach café.