Family Archery

Archery with the Atlantic Ocean as a stunning backdrop

Archery is proving to be a truly rewarding and fun sport for our schools – firing your arrows towards the backdrop of the ocean is very unique!

From the times back in 1346 when archery was used in hunting and combat and a feared longbow man could consistently hit a person at 160 metres! Today archery is respected as a testing precision sport.

Outdoor Adventure brought archery into its range of schools activities due to its attraction and popularity as a sport with a less physical emphasis, while still giving that feeling of personal challenge and mastery.

In conjunction with a highly respected and experienced archer in the SW we have developed an archery session which is engaging, fun and highly addictive! It is a fantastic sport to develop dexterity, precision and self control – no one can hide the smile when you hit the gold!

Archery location

Archery takes place in the grounds of the Centre overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. We challenge you to find a better location!