Coasteering Bude - The Ultimate location in Cornwall

Outdoor Adventure began running Coasteering in Bude, Cornwall over 15 years ago and is now recognised as one of the top Coasteering Centres in the UK. We are lucky to have one of the best locations in Cornwall all to ourselves, with unrivalled stunning scenery, remoteness and wildlife. Come and join us for your amazing Coasteering experience in Bude.

  • Exciting Coasteering Routes for Families, Individuals and Groups
  • Awe-Inspiring Location, Stunning Scenery and Wildlife!
  • The Coasteering Ambassador for The National Trust


Easy And Quick To Book Your £45 Coasteering Session

Family & Group Discounts Available

book on-line or by phone on 01288 362900

For  more info,  please call Claire or Andy – both with us now for 18 years and love Coasteering

Available every weekend to Groups of 6+ then daily for Individuals July – Sep




Why choose us for Coasteering?

Outdoor Adventure now has over 15 years experience of running Coasteering safely in Cornwall.  This is an incredible sport to enjoy, however it needs to be run by Instructors who have extensive local knowledge of the location being used.  The size and direction of the swell, the tides and the wind all effect the location in different ways which need to be taken into consideration before starting a session. 

Our Instructors have this knowledge, as well being fully qualified.  They also have the ability to be able to choose a coasteering route and cliffjumps that will excite and challenge you, whilst ensuring you stay within your limits.

We have been a member of The National Coasteering Charter for the UK since its initiation





Coasteering Ambassador For The National Trust

Back in 2003 we went to Bossiney Cove to check out if it could be a suitable Coasteering location.  Wow! – It had everything we could possibly ask for, but before we could have a license with The National Trust we had to prove we were serious and committed to use this beautiful place without causing any negative impact to the cliffs, fauna, flora and wildlife.  We carried out extensive research to ensure we could genuinely do this consitently and professionally.  We have been re-issued a licence since then, due to our consistent approach and the respect built over the years.



The Ultimate Coasteering Location in Cornwall

This secret cove had everything and more we could wish for – breath taking scenery, caves, natural arches and masses of wildlife including seals and peregrine falcons to share this unique experience with.

One minute you will be traversing across barnacle-covered ledges and the next find yourself jumping into the sea to swim across gaps filled with crystal clear water! During your journey you’ll be reaching secret remote places with no other means of access.  Mesmorised by it all, given the chance our I think we would all want to stay bobbing around in the ocean forever!


Your Coasteering Instructor Team 

The Instructors at Outdoor Adventure are all keen Coasteerers and surfers.  They understand the ocean and spend most of their time in it! This allows you to feel comfortable and enjoy your coasteering knowing you are in safe hands.  As well as being fully qualified they are also Beach Lifeguards and are great fun to be with.

Our Team are also passionate about preserving what makes this particular environment so special, and enjoy passing on their knowledge about all the fascinating ocean plants and varied wildlife that make this their home.

  • Great experience for me (17) and my brother (10). Fantastic instructors and everyone in our group managed to surf standing up, as well!  

    Trip Advisor Member

  • Thank-you for giving such an enjoyable experience for not only our daughter but for us watching-the confidence she gained by being able to stand up on a board in just 2hrs is remarkable. Keep up the great work.  

    Trip Advisor Member

  • "The small groups meant we received very good one to one time with the instructor who was really friendly, approachable and supportive. It exceeded our expectations in every way and I would highly recommend your surf school"  

    Mark Lumley

  • From the friendly telephone manner upon booking to the moment we parted ways after three little boys experienced surfing for the first time, we were treated like the most important customers ever. Top notch service, even against the elements Ed and Lewis remained motivational and encouraging. The instructors were able to hold the attention of the boys for the whole time.  

    Trip Advisor Member



Make it As challenging as You Like

Whether this is your first time coasteering or you have already had a few goes, the great thing about this sport is that this wild untamed environment provides everything from a chilled ‘Just being out there’ experience to stretching even the adrenaline junkies.  As long as you respect the ocean it will serve up something for everyone.

Our Instructors will ensure you make the right decisions for your ability


It’s Easy And Quick To Book Your £45 Coasteering Session

Family & Group Discounts Available

You can either book on-line or by phone on 01288 362900

If you have any questions or concerns of any kind, please give Claire or Andy a ring and they will sort you out – both have been with us for 18 years now and also love Coasteering

Available every weekend to Groups of 6+ then daily for individuals July – September


What to bring

We provide all specialist equipment including wetsuits, bouyancy aids and helmets. You just need swimwear under the wetsuit, a towel and a pair of old trainers to wear in the water. We strongly recommend sun cream and if it’s a cold day bring some warm clothing to get changed into afterwards

Where to meet

At Bossiney (PL34 0AY) which is just North of Tintagel on the B3263. As you drive through Bossiney there’s a toilet block and red phone box. Behind this is a carpark in a field which is where we meet. Our van also has a flag to help you see us! Please arrive 15 mins prior to the start time.

Do I have to do the big jumps?

Big cliff jumping is not for everyone so our guides will give you lower alternative jumps to suit, or you can just relax in the water until everyone has jumped and then it’s time to adventure on.

Swimming ability and Fitness

You need to be able to swim 2 lengths of a 25 metre pool and active enough for swimming and rock scrambling over a 2 hour period.

Minimum Age

12 Years old

Group sizes?

Usually between 6 – 14 people

Bad weather cancellation

Rain and wind doesn’t matter however we will have to cancel a session sometimes if the swell forecast is too big. If this happens we can re-arrange or give a full refund. As an alternative we may be able to offer a surf lesson instead, as if the swell is too large for Coasteering it is often still fine for a coached Surf lesson.

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