World Champion Surfer Gabriel Medina Stars in Samsung’s New Smart Surfboard Ad

The renowned Brazilian World Champion surfing sensation Gabriel Medina is the chosen rider in the new advert from Samsung which shows him surfing a specifically designed surfboard made by the tech giants, called the ‘Samsung Galaxy Surfboard’, which allows Gabriel to communicate with the board while he surfs!

Gabriel Medina enjoying an outdoor adventure on the Samsung Galaxy Smart Surfboard

It’s a fact that while most people like to go surfing to get away from social media and technology, the tech companies are always going to be looking for novel ways to introduce a different aspect of their services into a niche market.

For now, the idea is only a promotional board, so the purists need not get their pitchforks out just yet! In the video below you can see World Surf League sponsor Samsung advertising their board, which features a built in LCD screen. The screen offers Medina a facility that can feed him condition reports as well as real-time communication from the beach, for example, he could read tactical information sent by his coach which then become displayed on the board, or even some encouragement from his fans!

You can watch the advert here:

Additionally, the board has a facility to load a Samsung mobile phone directly into its ‘heart’ via a port located on the rail of the board. This feature means the rider can be connected to the digital world. Many will argue this is a bad idea, but it’s a pretty cool invention nonetheless!


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Image/video courtesy of Samsung Mobile Brasil/YouTube.