Why you shouldn’t be afraid to try something new in 2017

Being open to trying new things leaves you with a whole host of opportunities that could lead to anything and even has the potential to be life-changing. Obviously there has to be line at some point and there’s a big difference in trying out a new sport and jumping from high-rise building to high-rise building, without the proper training, shouting “PARKOUR!” That’s just reckless. We recommend heading down to our Widemouth bay surf school where you can learn to ride the waves in the beautiful setting of North Cornwall. Here’s five reasons you shouldn’t be scared to try something new in the upcoming year:

Try something new in 2017 and check out our Widemouth bay surf school

No regrets

We often say no to an unfamiliar offer, only to reflect on the decision and regret it in the future. This can lead to feelings of jealousy, as you see people around you excelling at something you were too scared to try and succeeding in other walks of life as a result of their experimental nature. The only way to prevent regrets is by doing the things that make you anxious. Although being a ‘yes man’ is somewhat far-fetched, being open to new opportunities will broaden your horizons and is likely to leave you feeling so much better about yourself and proud of your accomplishments.

Hidden talents

Another great reason to feel the fear and do it anyway is that you never know what you might find lurking within. The saying ‘you never know until you try’ is thrown about in modern cultures, but there is a vast amount of truth and value to that sentiment. Saying yes to an activity such as surfing, means not only is there opportunities to meet new people and have fun, but you may even discover a hidden talent. If you excel at something, you are much more likely to pursue it in the future, and if that ‘something’ is physical activity, this encourages a healthy balanced lifestyle. The worst that can happen is that surfing might not be your forte, but the chances are you’ll have a lot of fun before reaching that conclusion.

Self confidence

Even if you are absolutely rubbish at an activity you’ve plucked up enough courage to try – it simply doesn’t matter. Being bold, brave and fearless in your approach to life will ensure a sense of self and achievement. The fact of the matter is, whatever you try you will come out with more experience and probably a few life lessons learnt as well! These things combined will empower your self-belief and you will relish in even the smallest of victories in the future.


People who embrace change and new things are a lot more interesting to hold a conversation with than those who don’t. You’ll be surprised at the number of everyday conversations you’ll be able to relate back to ‘that one time when…’ and this can boost the social skills of even the most timid of characters! The more experience you get in different areas, the more you have to talk about and, as a result, the wider your social circles.

Conquering fears

Everyone is united by fear, but where the difference lies is how people let their fears influence their life. Being open to more opportunities and facing your fears is not only fantastic for your character, but will also lead to a whole realm of possibilities that have positive effects on your life.

Try something new in 2017, and you never know what you might find. Surfing just one fantastic example of an activity that will get you out, about and sociable in all the right ways. Check out our full range of outdoor activities on offer and choose one that’s right for you, and maybe scares you just a little bit in 2017.