Why you should have your stag do at Outdoor Adventure

Going to the local weekend hang-out and spending five times the amount of money is not a hen or stag do that will go down in history. Our outdoor adventure centre provides the perfect opportunity for groups of close friends and family to make memories that will last forever. Our full range of thrill-seeking activities will leave the whole party breathless, buzzing and blissfully happy, the perfect way to tackle the big day!

Come and check out the full range of fun activities you can do on a stag do at our outdoor adventure centre.

Interestingly, Banana Moon Clothing found that only 32% of people will hold their stag do abroad, proving that best men up and down the country have come to the realisation that you can have just as much fun within the shores of our beautiful island. Whilst going to Ibiza on the lash with the lads may seem like a great idea, we’re sure it won’t leave you with the same memories we can provide here at Outdoor Adventure…or any memories for that matter.

Here are some of our favourite stag do activities that will get the blood pumping and give every attendee the chance to prove themselves as the most masculine.


Relive your childhood tombstoning dreams, and hit the cliff edges as you jump from dizzying heights, scramble up sheer faces and explore dark caves. Watch each other plunge into the Atlantic Ocean with glee, as squeals and screams are bound to emerge from the least-likely of people. The location of our coasteering trips in Bude, North Cornwall make for fantastic sights, as well as providing the perfect back drop to and stag-do selfies for the rest of social media to enjoy.


In keeping with the sea-based theme, there’s nothing more fun than going out and trying something new with a group of friends. What could be better than watching the groom-to-be wipe out? The content for the best man speech is basically already written! It’s all fun and games, until a second cousin no one really knows turns out to be a secret professional and makes that time you nearly went on one knee seem disappointing in comparison. A fantastic way to hang out in the waves and a guaranteed barrel of laughs, surfing is something everyone can enjoy together.

Abseiling and climbing

This activity is perfect for anyone who is afraid of heights. Face the fear full on, with all your mates around you and the only option is to take part, or face the consequent humiliation for the rest of time. A fantastic opportunity for a birds-eye view of the spectacular scenery the North Cornwall coast has to offer, as well as some brilliant banter on the abseil down.

Come the evenings, groups are encouraged to make the most of our ‘Board Riders’ bar and cliff top seated area which provides a great place to chill out, relax and sink a few cold ones – it is a stag do after all. Failing that, head down to our private beach for some games or gather around one of our infamous cliff top fires. There is also a TV room with internet access, so you can reassure loved ones at home that you’re alive and well. Those raring to go, Bude is just 4 miles up the coast road and proves a fantastic night out.