Why you don’t want to miss out on Coasteering!

Coasteering |kəʊˈstɪərɪŋ/


“the sport or activity of exploring a rocky coastline by climbing, jumping, and swimming.”

Coasteering in Bude, Cornwall


Basically, coasteering is everything you were probably told not to do at the beach, as a child.

There’s a bit of everything thrown in: swimming around the headland, exploring caves, scrambling up onto rocks and jumping from high cliff faces back into the water.   The North Cornish coast is an outstanding destination for coasteering because of the geology, the rock formations, the water features where the sea rushes in and out. We’ve got plenty of cliff jumps into the deep water.

Coasteering session with cliff jumping and headland swims on an activity break

When we began running our coasteering activities nearly 15 years ago we scoured the North Cornish coast to find the ultimate location for this fun-filled sport. Being so spoilt for choice along here, we settled on the nearby Bossinney Cove. This small cove, surrounded by spectacular granite cliffs and lush green fields is the perfect playground for people of all ocean abilities. It has cliff jumps of all heights, different routes for every skill level and a plethora of natural wildlife such as dolphins, seals and birds of prey.

What makes coasteering so exciting is the feeling of being in a new environment, many people have walked along the cliffs surrounding the ocean but few have really explored it. One moment you will be scrambling up a granite ledge and then the very next moment you will be hurling yourself into the blue hues of the Atlantic, before swimming through a cave to get to the next obstacle.

You must go coasteering with experienced instructors, as you need excellent local knowledge and a real understanding of the ocean and weather conditions.  One look at the conditions and our staff will pick a route to give people a fantastic adventure whilst making sure everyone sticks within their limits.

It takes you into remote places with no other means of access.

It’s a fantastic feeling being washed around by the waves and bobbing around in the ocean!

What will I need to go Coasteering?

We will provide you with all the safety kit you’ll need on the day, you just need to bring old trainers, a towel, and some swimwear; we’ve got everything else you need.

You’ll be wearing a wetsuit, helmet and a buoyancy aid while you’re out on your trip. This will not only keep you afloat when you’re swimming in the sea and bobbing about, it’ll keep you warm and will also stop any abrasion on some of the rough surfaces. Fear not, you’ll be fully protected, and feeling safe means you can have all the fun you want!

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