Why spending time on the beach and in the sea is good for you

Previous research has found that spending time on the beach and in the sea has a great impact on your emotional wellbeing, but what other impacts do it have on you as an individual? We have taken a look at a few reasons here.

Spending time on the coast

Being located right on the coast means you get to inhale all of that beautiful coastal air into your lungs when you visit our outdoor activity centres. A great benefit of this coastal air is that it has higher levels of oxygen in it than found in inland air. This can help you to feel a sense of rejuvenation, whilst also benefitting your skin, muscles and organs.

A survey also found that the most stress relieving sight was that of the sea, with watching and hearing the waves break on the shore having a very therapeutic effect on many people.

Man and child swimming in sea near our outdoor activity centres

Soaking up the rays

Many people forget what that big yellow thing in the sky is, but we can experience our fair share of sunshine here in Bude. This sunshine can be very beneficial to you, providing you wear the correct factor of sun protection.

Being exposed to ultraviolet rays provides our bodies with vitamin D, which helps to promote strong bones. It also benefits your hair, making it grow much stronger and faster than it used to and the same thing can happen to your fingernails. Sunlight can also help to repair blemishes found on your skin, but you must respect the sun and take care not to suffer from overexposure.

Spending time in the sea

Spending time in the sea is great exercise, no matter what activity you take part in. We had a look at how watersports can benefit your health and fitness here.

But did you know that sea water can also be very beneficial to your health? The water dries out your skin and the salt acts as a natural exfoliant which can benefit your complexion. The temperature in the sea is also cooler than on land, which increases your blood circulation and reduces water retention.

The silicon levels in the sea water can help to tone the skin, leaving it looking and feeling younger. Sea water also contains iodine, which helps to promote hair growth and giving it an added shine.

These are just a few ways getting on the beach and in the sea can benefit you, so whilst you’re having fun taking part in our activities, you are safe in the knowledge that your health and wellbeing is being looked after by Mother Nature!