Why Coasteering is good for you

Leaving the comfort of Cornwall’s luxurious beaches in favour of launching yourself into choppy seas and exploring dark caves can seem daunting to say the least. But leaping from dizzying heights into Atlantic waters leads to various health benefits as well as tremendous amounts of fun along the way. Take a look at these top reasons to come coasteering in Cornwall and have an outdoor adventure of your own!

Come coasteering in Cornwall and check out these amazing health benefits!


Coasteering is physically demanding, and in order to fully explore the spectacular coastline you will need to walk, swim, jump, climb, scramble, crawl and maybe even wiggle your way round the chosen route. With varying tides comes different challenges that are bound to keep you on your toes, but you will also keep the most enormous smile on your face throughout the journey. Scrap your Saturday morning spinning class and come and burn those calories at natures best gym. You will be able to devour a well-deserved pasty post-session guilt-free!

Boost brain power

It is well-known that regular exercise can improve attention span and memory as well as your ability to receive and process new information. By heading to Outdoor Adventure and choosing Coasteering as one of your activities, you could boost your memory and problem solving abilities by 20%! Mental benefits don’t stop there, with studies showing that immersing yourself in nature can help to boost your mood as well as remove any urban lifestyle-related stress.  Exposure to the natural world can also reduce the symptoms of Alzheimers, Depression, Anxiety and ADD. What are you waiting for?!


Coasteering requires responsibility and respect for the ocean in order to complete the route in a safe and secure manner. By exposing yourselves to a degree of risks along the way you contribute to building a healthy relationship and understanding of risk management as well as better judgement of your own capabilities and restrictions. This could be particularly useful for children and teens who may think they know everything, but still have a lot of life lessons to learn.


After completing coasteering where you have had to swim through tidal rapids or jump from cliffs it’s likely you’ll be feeling pretty proud of yourself. Feeling good about your accomplishments can be directly related to feeling confident within yourself. Coasteering provides ample opportunity for improvement and progress, so what you may have thought of as impossible at the start you’ve done three times by the end, heightening the ability to believe in yourself.


During your Cornish coasteering adventure, you’re likely to get close to local wildlife. The Cornish coastline provides habitats for an array of both land and sea animals that will remind you of the beauty of nature and why it is worth protecting. The stunning nature of the dramatic cliffs will leave you with a passion for sea-based activity and the crashing waves will ensure a new-found respect for mother nature.