Why a UK Family Activity Holiday should be on your 2020 bucket list


Why a UK Family Activity Holiday should be on your 2020 bucket list

We know you cannot always guarantee great weather in the UK, but there are many other reasons more than a sun tan which should make you want to take a staycation in the UK and with us here at Outdoor Adventure!

Appreciate and see more of your own beautiful country and experience different British lifestyles, food and cultures

Though there is so much to see and do on a holiday abroad it’s important to remember how much the UK has to offer. Sometimes it can be shocking to hear how little of the UK some families have explored different places in the UK which are practically on their doorstep! For example, here in Cornwall there are beautiful beaches and waters, quaint coastal villages and unbelievable food to indulge and experience!

Save you money

We’re not saying all holidays in the UK are cheap, but a UK holiday instantly saves you money on flights and car parking, exchange rates, renewing passports and pricey abroad holiday insurances and can completely cut all the hassle making your holiday in the UK less stressful.

Less environmental impact

Choosing to holiday in the UK will also certainly reduce your carbon footprint. A UK holiday means you have the option to take public transport to your holiday destination or even a car journey will still help cut the environmental impact compared to a flight. You can also reduce your travel time without having to board a plane (with extra potential airline delays!) to reach your destination.

Friends for life

On many of our own Family Activity Holidays we see so many children and adults truly make friends for life. We see many families who end up bonding through activities, sharing common ground and exploring the local area together with the freedom to head off new places in Cornwall without the safety or travel restrictions which come with some family holidays abroad.

Amazing and safe outdoor activities

Here in the UK, we pride ourselves on high safety standards and the protection of participants, spectators and the natural environment during any of our activities. At Outdoor Adventure, we offer so many exciting activities for a wide range of ages and abilities to participate in; whether this be surfing, rock climbing, archery, abseiling, kayaking or a coasteering session along the beautiful Cornish coastline.

Check out our availability, dates and prices for our 2020 Family Activity Holidays UK here at Outdoor Adventure and tick a UK Adventure Holiday off your 2020 bucket list.