What to expect on your UK Family Adventure Holiday with Outdoor Adventure

A UK Family Adventure Holiday with Outdoor Adventure in Cornwall

Here at Outdoor Adventure we have been offering our family activity holidays for the past 35 years and though we know that we offer the best family adventure holiday packages you will find in the UK, we also know families may be unsure what these packages actually offer and how you and the rest of the family can be prepared for your time with us. After your Sunday arrival and meet and greet with our instructors and other families staying you will be all ready, excited and equipped to start your weeks adventure at the centre. Below is a typical day for our families who stay with us.

 T H E  T Y P I C A L  D A Y . . . .

7:30-9:30: You and the chilren will wake up (potentially in one of our many sea-view rooms!), shower and get ready to head down for a home cooked breakfast. Each morning you will be served fresh fruit, croissants and a full English breakfast with all the trimmings ready to get you started before your first morning activity. Don’t worry, we cater for all special dietary requirements so we will always make sure that everyone is completely happy, satisfied and full throughout the day!

9:30-12:30: After a good night’s sleep and full from breakfast you’re now ready to head to your first activity of the day! You could be heading down for a surf lesson, a coastal traverse or maybe even a morning climb. Your two daily activities would have been chosen by you and the children the night before each day so whatever the weather or whatever you fancy doing it’s totally up to you to make your adventure holiday with us as flexible as possible!

12:30-13:30: After the morning learning a new skill or trying your hands at a brand new activity you’ll be ready for an hour off and to eat some of our yummy lunch. Spend your lunch break snacking on the provided buffet, ploughman’s style lunch with freshly prepared sandwiches, pasties, snacks and more while basking in the sun overlooking the ocean at the Outdoor centre.

13:30-16:30: You’ve had your lunch, the children are full of energy again and now you’re all ready for your second activity of the day. This may be a coasteer, canoe or an afternoon abseiling session – whatever activity you’ve chosen you will be sure to experience some spectacular sights along the Cornish coastline while also team building and developing your skills and knowledge with your family and other potential families on the sessions!

16:30-18:00: You’re heading back to the centre, the children are tired but full of stories to share about what they have achieved today. It’s time to shower and chill out for a while, be prepared to tuck into a late-afternoon Cornish cream tea to enjoy outside overlooking Widemouth and the surf in the sunshine or sit and chill out and cozy up for a while in our TV room and relax

18:00-19:00: It’s time for your final meal of the day! Head across for your sit down 3-course dinner freshly prepared for your family. You may be tucking in to some Hunters chicken, fish & chips. or spend the evening outside enjoying our amazing BBQ night with a cliff top fire!

19:00-21:00: After you’ve eaten and spent the day not worrying about the cooking, cleaning, washing up or keeping the children occupied, it’s now time for the final evening entertainment which could be anything from a beach fire, music night, evening walk or games night! There’s no need to worry about how to keep the family entertained from start to finish. All you need to do is turn up and we will do the rest to make sure everyone, at all levels and capabilities get the full Outdoor Adventure UK family adventure holiday experience.