What is coasteering?

You may have never heard of coasteering until now or maybe you have seen a few crazy photos of groups swimming and jumping from the cliffs into the ocean and wondered what they were doing. We know at first it may be difficult to fully understand what a coasteering adventure entails so we are here to help!

Coasteering is the sport or activity of exploring a rocky coastline by climbing, jumping, and swimming and is basically everything we were told NOT to do at the beach as a child as you will be taken to remote places with no other means of access! You will swim around headlands, explore untouched caves, scramble and traverse over rock formations and jump from high cliff faces into beautiful stretches of open water. The Cornish coast is an outstanding destination for coasteering and there is exhilarating (and safe!) cliff jumps into the deep water.  You will have to work together as a team with your family, friends or a group of strangers to challenge and help each other overcome any fears in this adrenaline-fueled environment! All this said, you must always go coasteering with experienced instructors, as you need excellent local knowledge and a real understanding of the ocean and weather conditions.

Here at Outdoor Adventure, you can book onto one of our Bude Coasteering sessions in Cornwall’s ultimate location with our highly qualified, trained instructors and we will provide you with all the safety kit you’ll need on the day to keep you warm, fully protected and feeling safe so you can have all the fun you want!

Group coasteering exploring a cave near Bude