What is a family activity holiday?

Family archery session at Outdoor Adventure

What is a family activity holiday?

A family activity holiday is, well, precisely that.  It is a holiday where everyone gets to have a go at lots of different activities, some new and some perhaps you’ve done before.  It’s a chance for the family to bond together over the enjoyment of the activities or to encourage independence in children to go off and do the activities without the need for the parents to be with them.

Working parents combined with children involved in extracurricular activities can make for busy schedules without a lot of extra room for family activities. If this sounds familiar, that’s okay. Taking time out for a family adventure holiday can create the meaningful family time that your children really need.  A healthier lifestyle, improved sleep, and the chance to share a love of nature are just a few reasons to try a family activity holiday

There are a lot of options for different styles of holidays, but here at Outdoor Adventure, we offer the full package with meals, accommodation and activities all thrown in so there is no need for the adults to plan a thing.  You don’t have to endure a long flight abroad, as Cornwall is readily accessible for most people.

You can choose from a wide range of activities and make your week to be as exciting and challenging as you like.  You can also share the same activities together as a family, or choose different ones if you wish.

We are committed to get you away from man-made simulated activities and get your family out in nature experiencing the real activity in its true environment. You will be climbing up sea cliffs, not indoor walls! Everything is within walking distance or a 10-minute minibus drive so you will get an unrushed, worthwhile and quality activity session.

We also put on some evening entertainments designed to be lots of fun that everyone can join in with whenever they want.

During our holidays here at Outdoor Adventure, we also give you free days to get out and explore some of North Cornwall’s highlights and family holiday attractions, such as the Eden Project, Tintagel Castle or see the spectacular tin mines where the infamous Poldark scenes are filmed.

Bude is a lively town centred around its surf culture with plenty of cafes and bistros to enjoy. Its upcoming food scene means that on your night of eating out, you get the opportunity to experience some excellent menus in great pubs and restaurants.

Our Activity Holidays are designed to Keep Everyone Happy!



Family Activity Holiday


Your kids will get to make many new friends and keep constantly entertained, as on a holiday like this there is so much going on. It’s often said that if the kids are happy, so are the Mums and Dads!

A family activity holiday UK is a perfect opportunity for families to spend some quality time getting to know one another again. And with modern-day life getting in the way of family time at home a welcome, necessary break, could be just the thing you all need to bond with each other again.