VIDEO: Watch Radio X’s Vernon Kay tackle challenge set by Bear Grylls to abseil Global Studios

If you ever need the inspiration to give abseiling a go then seeing Radio X presenter Bottom of Form

Vernon Kay kitted up would probably be enough to show you that anyone can do it, and have fun doing it too, even if it looked like Vernon was a bit tense at the start!

Bear Grylls recently set Vernon the challenge as part of his new show Mission Survive, a show that once again gives Bear the chance to push celebrities to the limit with a series of tough challenges that well and truly see them out of their comfort zone.

As part of the challenge to promote the programme he tasked the Radio X newbie with abseiling off his work place – the seven story building housing Global Studios – located in Leicester Square, London.

When talking about the abseiling challenge, he said: “Earlier on, Bear Grylls set me a challenge. He wants me to jump from the roof of the Radio X Global building. Very nice of him.”
He added: “In fact, I’m going to use some ropes as well – I’m going abseil down the side of my workplace, which is considering I’ve only been here 5 months and they’re already trying to chuck me off the edge of the building.”

Vernon later acknowledged the task was “quite daunting”, and, as you’d expect for someone who’s not a seasoned abseiling enthusiast, was a little worried about getting pain in a rather delicate area.

You can watch the footage of Vernon taking on the challenge here:

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