Veteran World Tour surfer Taj Burrow announces retirement plans

Taj Burrow, one of the most charismatic pros in the World Surf League has announced that he will be retiring from the World Tour at the end of the year and stated that The Fiji Pro will be his last ever event as World Tour Surfer.

Taj Burrow on the lip of a wave

In 1997 a young seventeen-year-old surfer by the name of Taj Burrow qualified for the tour, but turned down the offer to join as he said he was “too young to do the tour full-time”, which made him the only surfer to ever refuse the offer from surfing’s premier competition. It wasn’t until a year later, when the now eighteen-year-old Taj came back again, becoming the 1998 Rookie of the Year. This was the start of a wonderful success story, and with the now renowned huge smile of his, he spent the next 18 years of his career in competition.


It mattered not where Taj was competing, he won everywhere! Rio, Saquarema and Florianopolis in Brazil blitzed by Taj. He also conquered Australia in his time surfing, which saw him claim the 1999 Coke Classic in Manly, the Rip Curl Bell in 2007, and we mustn’t forget when he was carried up the sand at Snapper Rocks following the titles at the Quik Pro, Gold Coast in 2001, 2010 and 2012, respectively. Taj also took out events in California with the 2012 Cold Water Classic and the 2013 Hurley Pro at Trestles.


Besides his glittering tour career, Taj has been a shining light in terms of the surf film market, providing some of the sports visual spectacles in Sabotaj (2000), Montaj (2002) and Fair Bits (2005).


Taj Burrow remains one of the most popular surfers to never have won a world title, with his personality providing the sport as a whole with a first-class ‘nice guy’, and there will be many a fan of surfing who’ll be sad to see him go.


The team here at our outdoor activity centre would gladly let Taj come and have a paddle with the school activity trips we take out, if he wanted!


Image courtesy of tajamos/Instagram.