UK home to almost 1 MILLION surfers, bodyboarders & SUPers!

A recent research study conducted by The Watersports Participation Survey has revealed that there are currently an astonishing 996,000 surfers, bodyboarders and paddleboarders in the United Kingdom!

A surfer cutting back on a wave | Outdoor Adventure

Further to this news, the new data from the research found that almost two percent of the entire British population rode a surfboard, body board or stand-up paddleboard (SUP) last year, which was an increase of 0.6%, or 388,078 people to put the figure into perspective!


The main focus of the study was to concentrate on a dozen ‘core’ boating activities. These were, yacht racing, yacht cruising, power boating, general motor boating/cruising, canal boating, small sailboat racing, other small sailboat activities, canoeing, rowing/sculling, windsurfing, water skiing and wakeboarding, and finally, using personal watercraft.


As a result of the research it has been shown that a whopping 3.2 million UK adults participated in one or more of the boating activities mentioned in the core group. Canoeing came in as the most popular water sport in the UK, boasting in the region of 1.4 million participants.


Lastly, The Watersports Participation Survey 2015 has given us clear insight into the fact that British participation in any water sport activity has benefitted from increases in popularity in the last four years, which is always fantastic news to hear with the array of locations we have available to us here in the UK to enjoy these activities.


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