Top Tips For Learning to Surf

With summer just around the corner, you may be daydreaming of Cornish beaches and warm(ish) waves.  With these top tips from some of the best coaches in the UK, you’ll be riding those waves like a pro in no time.

Use a Safe Beach

Safety first! Whilst the pull of the waves and the excitement of your surf might be the first thing you think of, you need to make sure that the beach you’re learning on is safe and Lifeguard Patrolled.  Choose a beach where there are Lifeguards and designated surfing areas.  These safe surfing areas are marked by a set of black and white chequered flags.

Learning to surf

Pick The Right Board

There are many surfboards out there so finding the right one for you might seem like a bit of minefield.  Head to a local surf shop for advice.  For learning to surf you would need a board with lots of volume.  Generally, a soft board would be the perfect board to learn on. But once you’ve got the grip you might want to progress to a hardboard.


Choose Your Suit

Sadly we don’t live in Hawaii where the water is warm.  Unfortunately, in the UK, we need to wear a wetsuit to keep us warm – even in the summer.  There are different suits for different seasons, but for summer surfing you’ll want to look at getting a 3/2mm full suit.  This means it will be nice and flexible for surfing but warm enough all the way through to October.  Once again head to the local surf shop where they will be happy to give you advice on the suit for you.

Get In The Water

Finally, you are ready to hit those waves! Small and steady is the way to go. Stick to the white water to practice catching the waves and standing up, before you hit the unbroken green waves out back. Practice makes perfect!

Use A Surf School

Of course, a Surf School is the best option for really learning to surf.  The coaches will guide you on equipment and the safest place to surf.  They’ll show you the right technique for ‘popping’ up on to the board and give you plenty of tips to practice.

Surfing lessons Bude

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