Top 5 Team Building Games

Instructor’s top 5 team building games

We asked our instructors which icebreaker games they use on various different session including team building. Below you will find our instructors top 5 games that don’t involve too much equipment. Our instructors use these games at various different times not just on a team-building activity. They can be used to break down barriers, used for groups to get to know each and to improve team skills. These can also be used with your family at parties or social events. I would recommend trying them at a Christmas party to really test your family or work colleges

Team bonding session

Dance detective

Make a circle with the group, choose one person to stand away from the circle they will be the dance detective. Pick someone to set a dance move. Everyone in the circle will then copy the dance move this person can change the dance move at any point, if they change the move everyone else will copy. Once everyone has started dancing the, dance detective will come and stand in the middle of the circle and try and find out who is setting the dance move.

Number tap

Split the group into two even lines one behind the other tell the person at the back of each line the same number, as a team they will have to pass the number through the line by only tapping each other’s head and shoulders and no talking. The right shoulder is 10 the left shoulder 5 and the head 100. Once the number has got the front of the line the first team to shout out the correct number will win. EXAMPLE: 235 would be 2 taps on the head 3 taps on the right shoulder and 1 on the left shoulder to make the number then everyone in the line should do this to the person in front of them until the end of the line.

Electric fence

Set up a rope or string knee height working as a team they have to get everyone over the fence if they touch it everyone goes back and they start again. Once everyone has got over the fence will go higher and higher. Make sure everyone is working as a team not just trying to jump over.

Find the shoe

Blindfold everyone in the group and have them sit in a circle, have them take off their shoes and put them in the middle of the circle make sure you mix the shoes up. They then need to retrieve their shoes by working as a team only one person is allowed to talk at a time to make it more of a team exercise.

Making shapes

Choose a shape or object, give the group a time limit of 2 minutes they then have to create the shape/ object just using their bodies. To make it more difficult set things like vehicles and famous places. You can make it into a competition by splitting them into 2 groups.


Why not join us here for a family activity holidays UK and play these games here with us at Outdoor Adventure.  We hope you enjoy please let us know how you get on or if you have any other games you have tried it would be great to hear from you.