Top 5 kit essentials for surfing this winter

Top 5 kit essentials for surfing this winter

As we all know surfing in the winter can become a bit of a chore at times with cold air, freezing winds from the east, water that makes you feel like you have eaten a whole pack of ice lollies and to go with that you have got to contend with trying to surf. Here is a little guide to what we think can make surfing more enjoyable over a long winter.

Winter wetsuit

Having a good winter wetsuit is key for surfing in the winter. Keeping your core warm will not only make you last longer in the surf but it will also help you surf to the best of your ability. Get yourself a suit that is at least 5.3mm thick anything less is going to hinder your surfing time.

Booties, Gloves and a Hood

These sometimes get mistaken for accessories but in the winter months they are essential for a decent amount of time in the water.  You want the booties to fit well for flexibility but not be too tight, the gloves will need to be flexible for all the paddling you’ll be doing and wearing a hood not only protects you from the cold but from surfers ear too – no more brain freeze!

Changing robe

After having a great surf staying nice and warm in that new winter suit you don’t want to then get cold in the beach car park your just going to lose the stoke you had from your surf. A changing towel is a great bit of kit there are so many different types out there. But I would definitely advise getting one which has the waterproof outside and the nice fury lining on the inside it is the dream and a must-have for winter surf sessions.

Cold water wax

It sounds silly but yes there are different types of wax for different temperate. Before that winter season sets in its always worth dewaxing your board and buying a few blocks of cold water wax, it is generally softer which makes it go on your board easier and won’t harden as fast and loose that grip in the cold. Let’s be honest here slipping and sliding off your board is potentially the worst thing for a surfer, it will ruin a surf.

Thermos flask/ travel mug

These have been around for years but still something great for winter surfing. Make a mug or flask of tea, put it in your bag or vehicle, have a drink before getting in the sea to keep you warm and then when you get out you have a nice warm drink waiting for you.

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