This is why you should have your primary school residential trip at Outdoor Adventure


Situated on the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in beautiful north Cornwall Outdoor Adventure is one of the most popular places for primary school residential trips in the UK.

Outdoor Adventure sits on the green cliffs at the south end of Widemouth Bay offering breath taking views of lush green fields, monumental granite cliffs, dark blue Atlantic waters and unforgettable sunsets that turn the sky blood orange as the sun dips below the horizon which we think is best enjoyed toasting marshmallows by the fire with guests!


We have opted for a small operation in order to keep things more personal and to allow us to form unique bonds with each and every individual on their school trip. It also allows us to focus more on individual’s personal strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to improve at a faster rate. A schools team building skills will also strengthen as a result of these more personal coaching methods.

Watch the video below to see what makes our instructors so special:


Each and every pupil visiting us on their primary school residential trips will have an action packed and fun filled time away with us as we are one of the very few activity centres that offers sole occupancy activities and learning experiences in a beautiful one-of-a-kind environment.


The location of Outdoor Adventure has tailored what activities are here; surfing, bodyboarding, coasteering, abseiling, coastal traversing, climbing, kayaking and orienteering, to name a few are not just run to create business, these activities are a way of life down here, with students experiencing the excitement, fun and team building qualities these activities provide.

Our primary school residential trips include tailored curriculum based programmes ensuring that students benefit mentally as well as physically. We offer 100% assistance when you (the teachers) are choosing your day and night time activities, which remain completely flexible whilst you are here.

The video below shows you what to expect on your primary school residential trips:



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