These videos show the thrill and excitement of bodyboarding

When staying at Outdoor Adventure for your school residential trips, an activity that is often overlooked is the adrenaline fuelled sport of bodyboarding.

It often gets looked down upon from some narrow minded stand up surfers, however, we believe this is purely down to ignorance as bodyboarder’s frequently hunt down and find the heaviest and best waves in the world without the fanfare of their stand up brethren.

What makes this such a fantastic sport on our school activity weeks is the fact it’s suitable for smaller children who may find it hard to handle a full sized surfboard. It is great fun and easy to get the hang of quickly.

There are lots of levels of bodyboarding, from the thrill of catching the broken waves close to the beach through to the radical bodyboarding manoeuvres of 360s, deep barrels and big airs that you will find on the videos below. You may get a feel for the better tricks on your school trip and take it up full time! Who knows, we may even see you on a surf clip in the future showing off your moves!


This video from UK bodyboarding channel ‘Biskit Diaries’ shows bodyboarding around Cornwall throughout October. Showcasing a host of varied waves from beach break peaks to wedges.

Shot in location in the southwest of France, it showcases some of the area’s finest waves such as Hossegor. With leading French riders showcasing their talents with deep barrels and air moves such as Inverts, Flips and Air Reverses.


Teahupoo is considered one of the heaviest and most dangerous waves in the world and was actually first surfed by bodyboarding legend Mike Stewart back in the late 80’s. Nowadays, there is a solid local crew of bodyboarder’s who dominate the spot when a good swell roles in.

This video showcases a spot that without a doubt has been the most documented wave within bodyboarding publications in the last two years. This clip shows Australian Paul Blaz unleashing his box of tricks, showcasing just some of the amazing tricks that bodyboarder’s can pull off!

Ozzie rider Ewan Donnachie locks in one of the longest barrels of his life at Skeleton Bay, Namibia and thanks to GoPro we can get a POV view of what it’s like to travel in one of those tubes.


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Photo by: Evan Fa