The Benefits of Surfing for Children

July 2019 saw the UK’s Education Secretary calling for children to spend summer outdoors and launched the hashtag #SummerOutdoors as a way to encourage children to explore the world around them and build character and resilience during their summer holidays.

Here at Outdoor Adventure, we know how important it is for children to embrace nature, switch off their mobiles and tablets and participate in Outdoor Activities. One great way to get your children embracing the #SummerOutdoors campaign this summer is through surfing. Below we have outlined 3 great reasons why surfing will have benefit your children…


When you introduce children to surfing, you can introduce them to a lifetime sport. Unlike other recreational activities, where kids will eventually age out of the sports systems, surfing is a sport that kids will never grow out of. It is something they can continue doing throughout their teenage years, college years and adulthood.


Balance and coordination are crucial life skills that children need to maintain healthy development and Surfing is undoubtedly a fun and exciting way to teach balance and coordination. Balance and coordination will help children not only become better athletes but also build self-esteem as children are able to do more tasks independently.


Many adults use surfing as a way to relieve any anxiety and stresses. Here in Cornwall, it’s very typical for people to finish their day job, head straight to the beach and paddle out into some waves as a way to relax.  Likewise, surfing can also provide the same value for children. Children can experience a lot of stress and anxiety due to school and things they are exposed to in life and Surfing can be a great way for children to channel this anxiety and stress. It’s a great way for them to burn off excess energy that could be converted to stress or anxiousness.

If your child has never surfed before or they are interested in improving their technique why not book them onto one of our Bude surf lessons this summer with our qualified and experienced instructors catering to both children (and adults!!) at all levels.