The amazing benefits of visiting us for a family adventure holiday

It’s no secret that children over the last decade are spending more time indoors than ever before, why don’t you take the initiative and bring your loved ones on one of our family adventure holidays UK?

With the many technological distractions that surround us today, it can be easy to forget the joy, fun and interest the great outdoors have, whether it’s just simply walking through the woods or jumping into the ocean for a fun-filled surf lesson, there are many ways to experience the thrill of Mother Nature.

For an action-packed week of outdoor fun, you should visit us at Outdoor Adventure. With activities such as coastal traversing, kayaking, archery, body-boarding, rock climbing, coasteering, windsurfing and many more you’ll not only have the time of your lives, but you can also experience some fantastic mental and physical health benefits. Below you will find four that we have picked for you to see:


Allows you to unplug

With so many digital distractions such as phones, tablets and TV’s it can be hard to have family time without someone being preoccupied. By spending time in the great outdoors, you’ll be able to unplug from those pesky devices as you’ll be too busy marvelling at the gorgeous views found here in North Cornwall. Who wants to look at a smartphone when you’re sat around a campfire?


Relieves stress

This will probably apply to the adults, but in a recent study by Landscape and Urban Planning, 25 Scottish adults were asked questions about their lives as well as what stressed them out at home and work. They were measuring the stress hormone Cortisol and found that the adults who were living in greener spaces were far less likely to be stressed from daily life factors as those who were living in more urban environments.

Exercise has long been known to be hugely beneficial in reducing stress as it releases feel good chemicals into the brain, we wonder how good you will feel after a surf session in the perfect waves of Widemouth Bay!


It will boost your vitamin D levels

With an estimated 1/5th of the UK’s population suffering from levels of vitamin D, it’s never been more important to get some sun on your skin. It’s not for getting a rich tan, but for the health benefits, increasing your vitamin D levels can help prevent life-threatening illnesses such as cancer as well as less-serious ailments such as the common cold and flu. There won’t be a sniffle in sight as you’re abseiling down the granite cliffs near the OA HQ whilst the Cornish sun is keeping you warm.


Enable a tighter family unit

By spending time together as a family without distractions will allow you to communicate more freely and bring you closer together. From ‘hooting’ your family member into the set wave of the day, or giving them words of encouragement as they search out the bullseye on our archery activity, you will become a closer family unit. Through our adrenaline-filled activities, you will create new memories that will be talked about for the rest of your lives!


Visit Outdoor Adventure for your next family break!


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