Take advantage of the majestic Cornish coastline by coasteering with Outdoor Adventure

Take advantage of the unrivalled beauty of the Cornish coastline by exploring caves, tidal pools, jumping off rock ledges and swimming in the Atlantic by coasteering with our residential trips for schools at Outdoor Adventure.

The fastest growing adventure sport in the UK, coasteering provides an adrenaline rush and excitement that will offer hours of fun for children and adults whilst exploring the beautiful surroundings of north Cornwall.

For nature lovers, coasteering offers you access that you would not normally experience and through our organised excursions you’ll explore coastline that only locals to this part of Cornwall only know about, in which a variety of marine life such as seals and dolphins call home.

You should be aware that you’ll obviously get wet, whether that’s traversing through sea gullies or leaping from a cliff ledge into the refreshing Atlantic waters whilst waves roll through.

If you see a route that actively avoids the water or you need harnesses or ropes then that isn’t considered coasteering, if you are not a fan of the water then sadly this may not be for you, but we do other activities such as abseiling, coastal traversing and rock climbing that will keep you dry whilst fulfilling that adrenaline fix!

Watch the videos below to see what you’ll get up to whilst coasteering our school residential trips.



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