Surfers explain the thrill and excitement that surrounds surfing

A great video shows surfers explaining the allure of the world’s most popular water sport, which you can find out for yourself on our residential trips for schools.It’s without a doubt our most popular activity here at Outdoor Adventure with kids around the country revelling in the idyllic conditions that are found here in North Cornwall. Catching your first wave is an unforgettable experience that’s hard to put into words, and trimming across an unbroken wave is something that really can’t, hence the saying ‘only a surfer knows the feeling’.

Luke TMA thought it was time to put the feelings into words, so he travelled around Bude finding out what surfing meant to people and why they do it. With one of our favourite explanations being “it’s like a shower and a massage rolled into one!”

Watch the video below to see this amazing video explaining the ‘stoke’ behind surfing:

But those who will be new to surfing on our residential trips for schools needn’t worry. We start you off on gentle waves at Widemouth Bay that break over forgiving sand and our team of highly qualified instructors will be with you every step of the way. After a few sessions you’ll be paddling out back before catching an unbroken wave and finding out for yourself what emotions arise when surfing! Being down in beautiful Cornwall with the rugged Atlantic Ocean you may even spot some of the locals that frequent the spots, namely dolphins and seals!


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