Surf some of the best waves in the country with Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor Adventure has the unrivalled luxury of having some of the UK’s best surf spots right on its door step, perfect for when staying with us on school residential trips.

Overlooking the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, it’s hard not to fall in love with surfing when staying at Outdoor Adventure, and the sport is by far the most popular activity among guests when staying here, after you catch your first wave you’ll see exactly why!

The sport truly lets you understand the beauty and power of Mother Nature, with the buzz of gliding across a green open face something that can’t be described. There’s no need to worry if you’ve never tried it before, as our team of expert teachers will have you jumping up on your board in the small Cornish waves in no time at all! We do warn you though, you may get the surf bug and will be stuck with a new hobby for the rest of your life!

The video below by Kite Vision Aerial captures the fun vibe of a surf session in Bude, and also showcases the beautiful and unrivalled beauty found down here in Cornwall.

For your next residential trip look no further than Outdoor Adventure, we are one of the few centres that can offer sole occupancy outdoor learning activities for your school or college trips resulting in a more beneficial stay all round.


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