Six personal benefits you gain from archery on our residential school trips

Archery with the Atlantic Ocean as a stunning backdrop is just one of the reasons students revel in archery on our residential school trips, as well as being a fun sport it also has some amazing benefits for the mind and body.

We introduced archery at OA to challenge individuals in a less physically demanding sport, as most of our activities, such as surfing, coasteering, kayaking, and rock climbing require a large amount of physical exertion, with the students needing to rest their bodies, whilst still challenging their personal skill sets.

We partnered up with a highly respected and experienced archer in the South West which enabled us to develop an archery session which is engaging, fun and highly addictive!

It is a fantastic sport to develop dexterity, precision and self-control as well as many other physical and mental benefits, below you will find six amazing physical and mental benefits that archery encourages:



When you are looking down the arrow, you will learn to tune out all the distractions around you as you focus on the form of your body and the release of the bowstring as you aim for the bullseye! This level of concentration will merge into aspects of your everyday life and help you to cope in high-pressure situations. 



To achieve the perfect shot in archery, many things must line-up to enable you to hit the target proficiently. You must place your feet, nock your arrow, grip the bow, push the bow away while pulling the bowstring, find your anchor point and release the arrow. All of these steps take just a few seconds, so your co-ordination will be extremely important, and as you practise archery more often, your co-ordination will improve significantly which transfers to everyday skills.



Drawing a bow string requires a good degree of upper body strength, with it placing stress on the arm, chest, shoulder and back muscles. Much like lifting weights, this stress is typically maintained for several seconds before you release the string to fire an arrow.

With repetition, the stress of drawing and firing a bow leads to the development of muscle in most of the major muscle groups of the upper body.



Many of our guests comment on how relaxing archery is as well as it’s stress-relieving aspects, with many noting the swish of the arrow as it flies down the range and the thud as it hits the target the most satisfying moment of archery.


Teaches patience

As with any new activity or sport that you take up for the first time, let’s be honest, you’re more than likely not going to be very good on your first try. The learning of this new skill will teach you to be patient, especially as you watch your arrow miss the target!


Builds confidence

In archery, you can mentally compete against yourself of challenge yourself against classmates and friends; this friendly competition will help build your confidence. The sport isn’t just about hitting bullseyes and beating those around you. Shooting your bow and hitting the target as well as improving your form with practice will also help to build confidence and self-esteem.