Reubyn Ash surfing around Cornwall

Reubyn Ash is back with a new surf video showing the world class waves that you can be surfing on your school residential trips with Outdoor Adventure.

Reubyn, who was born just a stone’s throw from our activity centre here in Widemouth Bay, is arguably the UK’s best surfer and when he’s not pulling into warm water barrels in Indonesia, Portugal or any location in the world where the waves are pumping, can be found busting out at Bude’s beaches and secret reefs.

Down here in north Cornwall we have some great waves for surfers of all abilities, so even if you have never been in the surf before, our highly trained instructors will have you gliding across the waves in no time!

Now, on to the video below, made by Olly Fawcett and titled ‘Those Moments’, it showcases the incredible waves that can arrive in north Cornwall during autumn and early winter and light up our point breaks, which we will avoid naming in case some angry locals start knocking on our activity centre front door! The video also shows our very own Widemouth Bay as well as some other local beaches that Reubyn attacks with a variety of air moves and power turns.

The video’s synopsis can be found below and we couldn’t agree more, but don’t worry, we do have beautiful blue skies too!

“Most haven’t heard of Cornwall, and most who have, believe it to be a cold, grey landscape, with few quality waves on offer. Sure, the water’s usually grey (so is the sky) but that doesn’t deter; and when the sun does show its face, magic happens; a cold grey place soon becomes a beautiful terrain highlighted in golden light. This film is about Those Moments, few and far in-between, during which you forget where you are, and momentarily could be anywhere.”




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Photo by: Olly Fawcett/Vimeo