Reubyn Ash shows why Bude surf lessons are so popular


Surfing in Bude has been happening since the late 60’s with its geology perfect for picking up Atlantic swells, warmer water temperatures due to the Gulf Stream and some great surf spots all within a short distance from each other in addition to the small coves and inlets that offer some shelter and protection from big winter storms.

These factors make Bude a great surf destination all year round and why here at Outdoor Adventure we have been running Bude surf lessons for nearly 30 years so don’t worry if you’ve never been on a board before, we have you covered!

In the videos below Bude’s local surfing superstar Reubyn Ash shows how surfing is done down here in North Cornwall as he tackles waves at Widemouth, Crooklets and a host of other more quietly guarded breaks in Bude showing why he is arguably the best British surfer today with some solid turns and aerial acrobatics at his home breaks.

Watch the video and come and visit us at Outdoor Adventure for your Bude surf lessons!



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Photo by: Cornwall Guide under Creative Commons