Pro kayakers take on massive waterfall in tandem kayak

Two adrenaline junkie pro kayakers have taken on some of the most difficult rapids in the United States, before plunging off a massive waterfall – all in a tandem kayak.

Dane Jackson and Rafa Ortiz have taken on the Little White Salmon, found in Washington State, America which is often classed as being one of the hardest and technically demanding Class V stretches in the whole of the US.

Battling against the rapids here is tough enough on your own, but it is amplified with Jackson and Ortiz being in a two-person kayak. Many wouldn’t have dared attempt the feat, but these two heroes did not hesitate to fling themselves over the edge.

What’s more, is that they captured the whole run courtesy of a helmet-mounted GoPro camera, which you can watch for yourself below.

Their journey starts off a bit rocky, but they soon settle into a rhythm and battle their way through the rapids before sending themselves over the edge of the 35-foot Spirit Falls in a dramatic climax.

Watch the footage for yourself here:

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Video and image courtesy of Dane Jackson/YouTube.