One third of British families opting for staycation

One third of British families looking to go on holiday will opt for a staycation this year, new research has found.

A family enjoying one of our family adventure holidays UK

According to a survey by holiday rental firm HomeAway, 35% of families in the UK are more likely to have a staycation in 2017 than they were last year. For overall holidaymakers, around a fifth will be looking to take a UK break.

The figure has been attributed, in part, to the recent economic climate in Britain. Another recent survey showed that 70% of Brits had no intention of cutting their holiday budget, but with holidays abroad becoming more expensive, it has resulted in more people taking trips closer to home.

Vice President of HomeAway, Marcello Mastioni, has had his say of the recent findings, saying: “In relation to the weakening of the pound, we’ve actually seen a trend of people spending more of their vacations domestically in the UK.”

Boosting UK tourism

Earlier this year, Prime Minister Theresa May announced £40m of funding to help Britain compete with international tourism destinations, encouraging more Brits to take a staycation and help boost the UK tourism industry.

This was coupled with a prediction from the Tourism Alliance which estimates that the extra takings for staycations in the UK in 2016 was around £2.4 billion.

Favoured destinations

But perhaps the best finding of the recent research is where people are planning on taking their holidays this year, with our very own West Country being a more preferable choice for holidays than the country’s capital, London.

Mr Mastioni also commented on this result, stating: “London is more of a destination for maybe extended long weekends. But if you’re thinking about an alternative to an international destination for say, summer holidays, then you would consider other domestic destinations such as Cornwall, Devon, Yorkshire, Cumbria and so on.”

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