New Surfboards

We like to keep the equipment at Outdoor Adventure looking as good as it can and also performing well for the guests so we like to replace most items every year. We have just had a delivery of new surfboards for the season and they are looking amazing.

It always feels like Christmas when you have a big delivery of boxes and for a surfer, a delivery of surfboards is the best thing in the world.
We have used a variety of surfboards over the years at Outdoor and last year we tried Softech boards. They were a great success with the guests and the instructors alike so we have gone for them again this year.

Softech surfboards at Outdoor Adventure

We have opted for the Handshaped series and have got a selection of 6ft, 7ft, and 8ft boards. These boards are Hand shaped with a generous outline and loads of volume. They are Stable and easy to ride for learners gaining confidence in riding waves and starting to performing basic turns.

These boards pack heaps of volume into their size making it easy for learners to paddle into small waves while providing a large stable platform so they can confidently jump to their feet.

We have also got a few Fatboy 7 and 8ft boards which are wider than a normal board and make standing up a breeze.

If you fancy learning to surf and trying these boards, come and see us for a lesson.