Making The Most Of A Situation

Making The Most Of A Situation

Travelling abroad for a holiday is considered normal in this day of age.

However, when so called ‘normality’ is flipped upside down, it leaves society stranded in a limbo-like life; unsure what to do. We should use situations like this and turn them into new opportunities, such as discovering the natural beauties that our own country holds, and what better way to do this than from a surfboard in our blue Cornish waters, or the thrill of jumping 15ft off our unique, jagged coastlines during our coasteering sessions.

Believe it or not, England hold’s many unseen beauties that no-one really knew existed, simply because they’ve never looked. However, if you travel deep into areas of Cornwall, you’ll find serene environments that feels like you could be anywhere in the world.

Such as our coasteering site at Bossiney cove, which enables you to trek down to a stunning area, where the beach becomes unearthed as the crystal clear water rolls back to low tide. Plus our dynamic sessions allows you to enjoy this area all throughout the day, due to having two routes that we run during high and low tide.

Whether you’d enjoy swimming into colossal caves and through towering rock archways, as well as bouncy around in the natural features created by the rocks and sea, before leaping off and immersing yourself into the water. Our high tide route is what you’ve been searching for.

Although, if you’re an adrenaline fanatic, and really enjoy the ambitious hike outside your comfort zone by scrambling and swimming out to a statuesque island, and jumping off up to staggering heights of 25ft!! Then our low tide route is the one for you.

But if you’re one to admire the coastline outside of a wetsuit, then have no doubts, as you can feel free to take pictures and watch the session unfold from the cliff top headland, which oversees both of our routes, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the Summer sun. Additionally, if you’re lucky enough you may see some of our playful Cornish seals make an appearance in the cove, along with bundles of other wildlife thriving around the area.

So why not make the most of an inconvenient situation and experience the wonders of our country in a way like no other!

Join us for a coasteering Bude session.