How to do a cutback in bodyboarding

Cutbacks in bodyboarding are tactical manoeuvres. Body boarders will use the cutback move to control speed and get back to the critical part of the wave. You can learn some simple and fun bodyboarding tricks yourself at Outdoor Adventure.

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The key to the move is in the pocket of the wave. Many times, riders will gain too much speed towards the shoulder section when they have taken off. If you want to keep on doing tricks and performing manoeuvres on the face of the wave, you need to manage the unbroken part of the wave, as that is where the energy is.

A cutback is the ticket to riding a wave at its full potential, and it is quite simple to learn and carry out, as it is a simple body weight transfer from inside rail to outside rail and vice versa. Here are the steps on how to do it:

  1. Catch a wave
  2. Perform a bottom turn
  3. Draw a speedy surf line midway up the face of the wave
  4. Shift your weight to your outside rail and to the back of the board
  5. Focus on where you want to go
  6. Grab the nose of the board, force the turn and let the board produce a fan of water
  7. Shift your weight to your inside rail
  8. Resume the ride and try it again!

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Photo by: Juan Roman Rodriguez