Here’s what is waiting for you at Outdoor Adventure

A beautiful video showing what’s waiting for you on your residential school trips, with the video showing the locations of many of our activities such as surfing, abseiling, coasteering and coastal traversing to name just a few!

The video has had a staggering 600,000 views and shows just how beautiful north Cornwall is with the cinematographer who made the video saying:

“Everything came together perfectly for this flight: the wind dropped, the sun was low and orange and the tide was almost completely in. In fact, this footage is straight out of the camera. Apart from the obvious cuts and transitions I’ve done no editing or colour correcting whatsoever. It’s just not needed.”

Down here at Outdoor Adventure we know the beauty that is down here in north Cornwall but we think this video captures a slice of the magical environment down here. The video shows the deep blue Atlantic Ocean where our highly qualified instructors teach you to surf and body-board, it also shows the stunning granite cliffs where you will take part in abseiling, climbing, coastal traversing and also the cliffs you will be jumping from into the ocean when coasteering!

Watch the incredible video below:


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